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Control of Infectious Diseases (CID) concentration presents public health practitioners with particular challenges. Infectious disease epidemiology, which is inherently interdisciplinary, has progressed rapidly in recent years to enable those challenges to be met. This concentration allows students to take advantage of recent methodological developments in the fields of descriptive statistics, mathematical modeling and microbiology. Drawing on these disciplines, students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the relationship between key variables associated with the pathology, transmission and control of infectious diseases.

On completion of the programme students will be able to

  • Use epidemiological and/or other approaches to describe the health status or health care needs and determinants of health and illness of a defined population and, where appropriate, to identify environmental or personal factors which either threaten or enhance health
  • Analyse and interpret infectious disease data using contemporary statistical methods.
  • Assemble, critique and interpret the published literature (and, where appropriate, other sources) on a particular topic
  • Define, construct and interpret simple mathematical models of infectious disease transmission and control;
  • Analyse factors contributing to the emergence of novel infectious diseases and of the concept of “One Health”, which emphasises optimal health for people, animals, and the environment
  • Synthesise evidence of the epidemiology, pathogenesis and transmission of pathogens of regional relevance


All candidates must enrol in:

  • Core Courses
  • Concentration Courses and Elective Courses
  • Capstone
  • Practicum
Core Course
Concentration Courses for Control of Infectious diseases (CID) 

Select the following CID concentration courses and 6 credits from elective course list

  Credit Units
CMED6104 Emerging infectious diseases and "one health" 3
CMED6230 Epidemics and endemic diseases 3
CMED6228 Field epidemiology 3
CMED6211 Infectious disease epidemiology 3
CMED6105 Infectious diseases in public health 3
CMED6208 Risk: perception, decisions and communication 3


Code Title Credit Units
CMED6000 Capstone 15
Code Title Credit Units
CMED6224 Practicum 12

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