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Programme Overview

  • An inter-professional pathway for MBBS, BChinMedBNurs and BPharm students of HKU
  • A broadly based training programme on contemporary health care issues
  • Learning with students from all over the world
  • A quotable qualification recognised by the Medical Council of Hong Kong for MBBS graduates
  • The award of an intercalated MPH degree will be conferred at the same time as the completion of the undergraduate programme

Programme Leaflet


Entry to the Master of Public Health (MPH) is highly competitive. Eligibility for admission
to the intercalated MPH programme is as follows:

  • MBBS: Students in Year 4 of the 6-year curriculum
  • BChinMed: Students in Year 4 of the 6-year curriculum
  • BNurs: Students in Year 4 of the 5-year curriculum
  • BPharm: Students in Year 3 of the 4-year curriculum


Students holding a Bachelor’s degree with Honours may apply for admission in
  • Year 3 of the 6-year MBBS curriculum, or
  • Year 3 of the 5-year BNurs curriculum, or
  • Year 2 of the 4-year BPharm curriculum.
Students are expected to attain a year GPA of 3.4 or above, if applicable, for consideration of admission.


Fees and Scholarships

HK$84,000 (50% MPH programme fee discount).
Students will pay at least HK$42,100.
Scholarships may be granted to students by the Faculty on the basis of academic merit
and financial needs as per the CEDARS* financial assessment criteria.
The maximum amount of the scholarship per student is HK$41,900.


Students enroll in one of the concentrations offered by the Master of Public Health for a 1-year full-time programme.

1.   Public Health Practice (PHP)
2.   Epidemiology and Biostatistics (EB)
3.   Control of Infectious Diseases (CID)
4.   Health Economics, Policy and Management (HEPM)

Academic Accreditation

The Medical Council of Hong Kong recognises the Master of Public Health, MPH(HK) as a quotable qualification. 

Participants will be accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points from different academic institutes / committees. Please see “CME & Quotable Qualification” for details.