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The practicum aims to prepare students with a broad mastery of subjects and methods necessary for the field of public health practice, bridging theory and practice. In compliance with the standards set by the Council on Education for Public Health “the practicum is a planned, supervised and evaluated public health practice experience” (p.16) with defined learning outcomes and deliverable(s) in which students are expected to demonstrate competency based learning outcomes as defined by the ‘Core competencies for the public health professionals May 2010’ ( such as but not limited to the following.

Students will demonstrate the ability to

  • integrate, synthesize and apply knowledge and skills to a public health problem; and
  • demonstrate the skills needed to function in a professional public health setting, such as:
    • Problem solving and analysis
    • Interpersonal, oral and written communication
    • Self-assessment and critical reflection

Practicums may be carried out in one of the following local, regional, or international locations:

  • Public health agency
  • Public or private health care organisation
  • Non-governmental organisation

Practicum Placements

Eagle Chow at Dietetic Department, Tuen Mun Hospital
Renee Lau at The Zubin Foundation
Siu Yung Leung at Division of Community Medicine and Public Health Practice, School of Public Health, HKU
Chun Wing Kwan at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital—Stubbs Road, Lifestyle Management Center
Brianna Ott at Zi Teng
Sai Yan Siu at Hospital Authority


Pui Chi Chun at HKU Youth Quit line, School of Nursing, HKU
Priscilla Liu at AIDS Concern Joomla 3.3 Templates