Renee Lau at The Zubin Foundation

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I was working for the redesign phase of the Hospital Advisor, an online hospital rating platform aiming at improving transparency of hospital quality to the general public, which was first launched in May of 2016. Assisting in events advocating rights of ethnic minorities was a bonus achievement.

My duties were mainly to i) redesign the survey for patients to share and rate quality parameters of a hospital; ii) add incentives on the online platform such as insiders’ tips for patients or visitors, facilitating them to have a smoother and more satisfied hospital experience; iii) empower the general public with hospital-related news and information through the official Facebook page of Hospital Advisor.

I was granted with lots of chances to utilize strategy-based communication skills when interviewing various stakeholders including the general public and healthcare suppliers about their views towards hospital experience. Managing the Foundation’s official social media page effectively for public empowerment was another unexpected achievement. Overall, this practicum experience allowed me to apply learnt theories and skills in real life situation, enhancing my public health competencies substantially.

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