Capstone and Practicum

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The Capstone 

Candidate will demonstrate the acquisition and synthesis of skills and competencies acquired in the programme. Each candidate will undertake a Capstone project on a topic approved by the Capstone Advisor and submit a Capstone report not longer than 5000 words. The Capstone report should demonstrate 2 of the following 4 competencies as defined by the Hong Kong College of Community Medicine Training and Examination Guidelines for the sub speciality of Public Health Medicine (2008) (p.14) below:

  • To assemble, critically review, synthesise and interpret published literature (including grey literature) on a public health topic
  • To use epidemiological or other approaches to describe the health status or health care needs of a defined population and identify environmental or personal risk factors which threaten or enhance health
  • To identify and collect or retrieve relevant information and use this information for service planning or other activities aimed at improving health
  • To assess effectiveness and efficiency of resource use for health services or health promotion activity

The Practicum

The practicum aims to prepare students with a broad mastery of subjects and methods necessary for the field of public health practice, bridging theory and practice. In compliance with the standards set by the Council on Education for Public Health “the practicum is a planned, supervised and evaluated public health practice experience” (p.16) with defined learning outcomes and deliverable(s) in which students are expected to demonstrate competency based learning outcomes as defined by the ‘Core competencies for the public health professionals May 2010’ ( such as but not limited to the following.

Students will demonstrate the ability to

  • integrate, synthesize and apply knowledge and skills to a public health problem; and
  • demonstrate the skills needed to function in a professional public health setting, such as:
    • Problem solving and analysis
    • Interpersonal, oral and written communication
    • Self-assessment and critical reflection

Practicum placement may be in one of the following local, regional, or international locations:-

  • Public health agency
  • Public or private hospital
  • Research laboratory
  • Non-governmental organisation Joomla 3.3 Templates