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Course List of Master of Public Health 

Courses offered vary from year to year. Please visit the Timetable for the up-to-date schedule. Click the course title for detailed descriptions of individual courses. You can sort the list by any column.

Code Title Coordinator(s)
  CMED6000 Capstone  
  CMED6109 Accounting and Financial Management in Health Care Dr. Olivia Leung
  CMED6020 Advanced statistical methods I Dr E Lau
  CMED6030 Advanced epidemiological methods I Dr Ryan Au Yeung
  CMED6040 Advanced statistical methods II Dr E Lau
  CMED6050 Advanced epidemiological methods II Dr Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen
  CMED6100 Introduction to biostatistics Dr CF Lee
  CMED6104 Emerging infectious diseases Prof JSM Peiris/ Dr HL Yen
  CMED6105 Infectious diseases in public health Dr LLM Poon
  CMED6106 Advanced virology * TBA
  CMED6107 Advanced immunology * TBA
  CMED6108 Microbial genomes and evolution in infectious diseases  Dr Tommy Lam/ Dr Maria Zhu
  CMED6200 Introduction to epidemiology Dr M Kwok
  CMED6201 Principles of public health Prof GM Leung/ Dr J Johnston
  CMED6202 The practice of public health Dr D Ip
  CMED6203 Measurement in health Dr M Ni
  CMED6204 Health and society Prof I Kawachi
  CMED6206 Health promotion and health education Dr Jiang Nan/ Dr Coco Chen
  CMED6207 Non-communicable disease epidemiology and control  Dr. June Leung
  CMED6208 Risk: perception, decisions and communication Prof R Fielding
  CMED6210 Infectious disease modelling Dr J Wu
  CMED6211 Infectious disease epidemiology Dr J Wu
  CMED6216 Introduction to public health genomics Dr D Ip
  CMED6217 Qualitative health research Dr W Lam

Human health: futures in a globalized world 
(suspended in 2016/17)

Prof R Fielding
  CMED6220 Health informatics Dr James Kong
  CMED6224 Practicum Dr J Johnston
  CMED6227 Biological basis of disease Prof R Bruzzone
  CMED6228 Field epidemiology Dr YH Tam
  CMED6230 Epidemics and endemic diseases Dr Wu Peng/ Prof Ben Cowling
  CMED6231 Emergency Medicine for Disaster and Humanitarian Crises Responders  Dr. Ling-Pong LEUNG 
  CMED6300 Intermediate epidemiology Dr CM Schooling
  CMED6400 Evidence-based practice Dr J Leung/ Dr Marianne Holm
  CMED6401 Advanced clinical epidemiology and decision analysis Dr IOL Wong
  CMED6704 Health behaviour and communication Dr W Lam
  CMED6900 Health policy and politics Prof GM Leung
  CMED6901 Principles of health care management Dr J Johnston
  CMED6902 Health economics Dr Jianchao Quan 
  CMED6903 Resources for health Prof R Lu/ Prof GM Leung
  CMED6907 Perspectives in health care management Dr H Tinsley
  CMED6909 Comparing systems of elder care Prof S Kagan
  CMED6910 Strategies in health care Dr A Ng
  CMED6912 Environmental health hazards and interventions Dr Linwei Tian
  CMED6913 Environmental health assessment Dr Linwei Tian

*Candidates who wish to register for these courses must apply for and satisfy the entrance criteria as set by the HKU-Pasteur Research Pole

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