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Director's Message

Public health is more than public wealth. Public health is primarily concerned with the health and well-being of human populations. Throughout the past fifty years, most of Hong Kong’s remarkable gains in health – reduction in infant and maternal mortality, increase in life expectancy, elimination of many once fatal communicable diseases and reduction of many non-communicable diseases were achieved through the application of sound and evidence based public health principles and practices, and the high quality of health care and other socio-economic developments. 

The School of Public Health provides a platform for collaboration with government and non-government sectors to contribute to the improvement of health through education and training, research and practice in public health. The School plays an active role in the education and training of public health professionals and leaders, research for better understanding of human conditions, and organizational behaviours related to better or worse health outcomes and developing better policies and interventions for improving health services to meet the health needs of the community.

The School bridges ‘bench to bedside’ through local, regional, and international partnerships, acquisition of knowledge and skills, development of better and practical tools for measuring health and behavior, health policy and planning, and advocacy and action to control public health problems and promoting health.


“The development of public health must combine social, cultural and historical characteristics of the region with international standard and trend. The School of Public Health has succeeded in this approach and promoted public health education, research and advocacy through the synergy of collaboration.” 

Professor Chen Zhu, Minister of Public Health, PRC
The Inauguration Ceremony of the School of Public Health, September 2009


Professor JSM Peiris
School of Public Health



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